Centring Assistant

Centring Assistant

Centring Assistant for Roller Dynamometer


With the help of the centring assistant a vehicle is centered fast and easyly on a roller dynamometer (crest roller, e.g. 48 inch) before the test run. This way the tyre wear is minimised during test runs and a safe testing procedure is ensured. The centring assistant is driven electrically.

Retrofitting Is Possible

The centring assistant is retrofittable in all test stands with crest roller dynamometers as long as this is constructionably possible. Contact us: Our qualified personnel is pleased to consult you in your planning. You can assemble the centring assistant within the testing room yourself or you rely on S. Bleyer GmbH for assembling.

Supply and Mounting

The centring assistant is supplied as a set of two units for utilization on a vehicle axle. Every unit is mounted outside on a vehicle test stand near the rollers.

Centring Assistant: manual V3.0 EN