Mobile Monitor System – Configuration

Mobile Monitor System – Configuration

Longitudinal Rails, Transverse Carriage

The longitudinal rails are fixed to the ceiling of the testing room free of vibration. The whole monitor system is movable along the longitudinal rails in direction of the x-axis. The transverse carriage is movable along the y-axis. The whole system can be locked in any position using a brake with pressurised air.

Lifting Gear

The lifting gear is mounted to the transverse carriage. It is a motor-driven selflocking telescope with a limit switch. The motor of the lifting gear is thermally protected, the whole lifting gear is maintenance-free.

Monitor: Standard Configuration

The size of the built-in flat screen monitor depends on your request. Standard sizes range from 17 inch to 21 inch screen diagonal.

The standard configuration (see photo on the right) has free monitor access. Thereby it can be detached fast and easily and (depending on the cable length) it can be put into the vehicle as well.

The monitor is tiltable and thereby can be adjusted to the angle of the wind screen.

Monitor: Climatic Chamber Configuration

The cable drag chain is designed in a way that there is enough space for future expansions.

When operating beneath a sun simulation an enclosed cable drag chain is used.

Cable Drag Chain

Die Energiekette ist so ausgelegt, dass sie genügend Platz für spätere Erweiterungen bietet.

Beim Betrieb unter einer Sonnensimulation wird eine geschlossene Energiekette eingesetzt.

Remote Controls, Trackball

Besides the monitor carrier some holders are installed to clip or hook in different remote controls (e.g. for the test stand, for a centering assistant, emergency shut-off, trackball).

So the driver always has direct access to all important control units from the driver’s seat.

Cable Reel, 230 V Connection

Besides the transverse carriage a cable reel is installed to hold a 230 V cable or a data cable (e.g. for a weather station).

At the top of the transverse carriage also a switchable connection plug board can be attached to supply further peripheral devices with 230 V.

Air-pressure Brake

As an option an air-pressure driven brake can be built in. It blocks the system in the x- and y-direction and is released by a push-button at the monitor carrier. The brake avoids that the monitor carrier gets shiftet and thereby causes damage.