Vehicle Fixation – Accessories: Rod Holder

Vehicle Fixation – Accessories: Rod Holder

For Fixation Rods

The rod holder enables you to store the fixation rods of the vehicle fixation safely and space-savingly.

If the rod holder is installed directly within the testing room besides the dynamometer you always have direct access to the rods for mounting and they are put away fast during demounting. This ensures very short setup time of only a few minutes per vehicle.

For Wheel Hub Bearing

The wheel hub rod normally stays connected to the wheel hub bearing during everyday’s testing operation.

For this combination S. Bleyer GmbH has developed a special rod holder: With the cone-shaped hollow the fixation bearing is sticked onto a white plastic cone. The wheel hub rod rises vertically upwards and is fixed to the wall with a securing clip.

For Sticking Anchors and Fixation Rods

The wall holder (in drawing red) is screwed to the wall of the testing room by using slide rails (blue in drawing). So it is adjustable at will.

S. Bleyer GmbH offers wall holders for sticking anchors as well as for fixation rods.