Mobile Monitor System – Overview

Mobile Monitor System – Overview

Main Principle

  • Purpose: Monitoring driving cycles and measured values during a test run.
  • Main principle: flatscreen monitor and control units, movable within the test room at will, versatilely expandable.
  • Configuration: longitudinal rails (x-axis, front/rear), transverse carriage (y-axis, right/left), lifting gear (z-axis, up/down)
  • Test stands: roller dynamometer, exhaust gas test stand, endurance test stand, outdoor test stand, climatic chamber -20 °C (-40 °C) to +40 °C, acoustic test stand, flat-roadway dynamometer

The main elements of a mobile monitor system are shown within the side view and the frontal view (see below). The dimensions shown in blue are adjustable to your needs and are depending on your testing room.

side view

front view

The sun simulation is not part of the scope of delivery of the mobile monitor system. It only serves as an illustration within the drawings above.