Mounting Wheel Hub Fixation

Mounting Wheel Hub Fixation

Step by Step

Here you can find a step by step description of how to mount the wheel hub fixation. The testing room shown is equipped with sticking anchors. Sliding anchors are installable as well. In practice the set-up time per fixation triangle is approx. two minutes (rule of thumb: 1 minute per rod).

Mount the adaptor at the wheel using screws. Tighten the screws with a dynamometric screwdriver.

Put the vehicle onto the test stand and align it eg.g using a centering assistant. Pull the hand brake.

Position the first anchor as near to the wheel as possible. The rod has to be preferably parallel to the vehicle.

Position the second anchor as near to the wheel as possible. Angle between first and second rod: 30° to 45°.

Push the fixation bearing together with the premounted wheel hub rod onto the cone-shaped adaptor.

Connect the fixation bearing and the cone-shaped adaptor using the outer wheel screw. Tighten with 120 Nm.

Place the wheel hub rod into the open rod collet of the first anchor.

Close the rod collet and lock both latch clamps. They must snap in noticeably.

Close the locking lever at the first sticking anchor. Thereby the anchor is fixed in the floor bushing by clamping.

On both sides stick a securing pin through the drill-hole of of the fixation rod directly besides rod collet. Be careful

Place the diagonal wheel hub rod into the second anchor and connect it with the wheel hub rod.

Completely clamp the second anchor. Then roll in the vehicle and fix the other wheels in the same way. Ready.