Mobile Monitor System – Operation

Mobile Monitor System – Operation

Motor Hood Open / Close

The case with the monitor and all control elements is designed wedge-shaped. So it is possible to operate the mobile monitor system with opened or closed motor hood.

An edge protector made of rubber foam prevents damages to the motor hood or to the wind screen from moving or operating the mobile monitor system.


Without any problems the mobile monitor system can be operated together with a switched-on blower. To prevent the transverse carriage from moving despite the airflow the whole system can be locked pneumatically (brake with pressurised air).

Sun Simulation

It is possible to use the mobile monitor system together with a sun simulation. Maybe the energy chain must be protected from too much heat by using an enclosed cable drag chain.

When planing the mobile monitor system the longitudinal and transverse rails and the suspension can already be dimensioned in a way that a sun simulation can be installed.

Principally there is enough space between the longitudinal rails to subsequently integrate a sun simulation into an already installed mobile monitor system.

Changing Vehicles

The straightforward threedimensional movability of the monitor system enables the transverse carriage to be moved completely to the right, left or forward position. Thereby the driveway for the test vehicle is clear and it ealily can be replaced with another vehicle.

This easy to handle procedure of changing the vehicles is scheduled when planning the dimension of the moving width.

Operation Advantages

  • all dimensions and functions are individually adjustable
  • system is threedimensionally movable
  • monitor carrier is blockable through air-pressure brake
  • monitor carrier is coolable and heatable
  • many different sites of operation
  • all cables feeding from above, thus no trip hazards
  • remote controls are stored at the monitor carrier
  • additional cable reel and connections for power supply can be installed
  • trouble-free operation with open motor hood
  • sun simulation installable immediately or later
  • withstands airflow of blower
  • fast changing of vehicles thanks to easy movability